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Senior Nivre Register-Expert
Managing director / partner

 After his study Maritime engineering at Utrecht Nautical Engineering College, Frits followed a study programme to become Second Mate on deep-sea merchant shipping vessels. After this, he worked with the most modern container vessels at Nedlloyd Lines for approximately nine years, ultimately achieving the position of Second Maritime Officer (HWTK practical diploma). 

Frits entered service with Verschoor & Bras in 1993 and has been a partner in the company since 2001. Just as all experts at Verschoor & Bras, he is deployable on many fronts, while his preliminary education and experience give him supplementary knowledge in the nautical domain. As an NBKB expert he is authorized to implement certificatory security and hull evaluations aboard inland shipping vessels. He is specialized in bunker stations and bunker/bilge ships. He is also authorized to execute damage-prevention studies on behalf of Dutch Corporate Insurers. 

Since he became a managing director of Verschoor & Bras in 2006 and of Marinco Survey in 2013, Frits has also been engaged in general management tasks in addition to his work as a marine surveyor. 

He is a member of :

  • Nivre en de Kamer van het Nivre
    (Netherlands Institute of Register Experts)
  •  VEKRB (Vereniging voor Experts in de Kust-, Rijn- en Binnenvaart, Association for Experts in Coastal, Rhine and Inland Shipping)
  • Technical Commission of the NBKB (Nederlands Bureau Keuringen Binnenvaart, Netherlands Office for Inland Shipping Certification)
  • Technical Commission of the IVR (Internationale Vereniging het Rijnschepenregister, International Association of the Rhine Vessels’ Register) for the SPO (Damage Prevention Research Institute)
  • Board of Surveyors of the ERS (Engine Registration System)


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